UAE: Important for job search visa holders and how to search for a job in the country

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This topic provides you with information on how to search for a job in the UAE, and important tips to get it.

Registration on e-recruitment sites

You can register via recruitment websites and create a free account. Most job sites do not charge a registration fee, as you can search for and apply for a job for free.

A fee is usually required for additional services that the average user does not need. This point helps you distinguish serious sites.

After registration, continue to search for vacancies, and apply for desired jobs. When you get a job through the recruitment sites, you are under no obligation to pay a commission to any party, whether it is the employing company, or the company that manages the employment site.

We advise you to pay attention to the email used in the job post, as it will often be in a domain specific to the company name for real jobs.

Government employment portals

UAE Federal Government Recruitment Website

Abu Dhabi Government Human Resources Management System - iRecruitment

Jobs Abu Dhabi POSITION- POSITIONINGAD Government Online Recruitment Portal - TAMM

Dubai Careers - Dubai Government Employment Portal

Ajman Government Jobs - Quadre Platform for Job Seekers - Ajman Government Human Resources Department

Ras Al Khaimah government jobs

Fujairah Government Jobs vaccating- Fujairah Government Website

An electronic platform for employing people of determination - Ministry of Community Development

Special recruitment portals

House employment site Com

Gulf Talent Website Jobs (in English)

Nokari Gulf jobs

Dubizzle jobs

Lemoon jobs

Linkedin website

Manpower Group Jobs - English

Search in classifieds

State newspapers in their print and electronic sections publish advertisements about new vacancies in the public and private sectors. In the UAE, newspaper news is published in several languages, and Arabic and English are the main languages of publication.

The majority of jobs available in the public sector are advertised in leading Arab newspapers such as:

The union

The Gulf

The statement

Emirates today

The majority of jobs available in the private sector are advertised in English newspapers, such as:

The Nationale

Gulf News

Khaleej Times

Emiratres 24/7

Some freely distributed flyers and magazines also customize classified ads for vacancies electronically such as:

Broker (also provided hard copies)


Registration with recruitment agencies

You can send your CV to licensed recruitment agencies in the country, where you will be contacted later to schedule an interview appointment, the required documents and procedures.

The licenses of employment agencies are limited to UAE nationals only and are issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, and those wishing to inquire from the Ministry about companies licensed for employment in the UAE.

The job seeker should refrain from paying funds to licensed recruitment agencies, and the responsibility for payment lies solely with employers looking for human cadres.

Useful links:

Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation

Private Employment Agencies (pdf, 1.11 MB) - Ministerial Resolution No. (35) of 2010, Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation

Search websites.

You can also search the job pages and register in the dedicated jobs section of the sites of the organizations you want to join.

Federal and local entities in the UAE announce their vacancies, and you can also apply through their websites.

You can also apply for work through the UAE Federal Government Recruitment Website, on the Careers page, after creating your own account. This site belongs to the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (Fahr).

Learn about companies located in the country through UAE business directories.

See also the UAE Directory of Companies and Business - Yellow Pages

Create a social media account

Job opportunities are widely posted on social media sites like LinkedIn. You can search for similar job search sites.

Read how UAE nationals can look for a job in the private sector through Nafs.

Tips for getting a job

Write a resume and cover letter, appropriately and reliably

Keep your resume up to date with any up-to-date, useful information

Regularly search, don’t give up easily

Verify the identity of the email from which you receive job offers, as it must reflect a domain specific to the name of the employing company

Refrain from paying any money you are asked. If the recruiter or recruitment agency asks you for money for visa processing or medical examination, then be aware that it is not a real company

Familiarity with Arabic and English; learning English, at least conversation, will be an added advantage for you in the job market

Keep providing knowledge, information and updates related to your business

Be realistic about the potential career return in your industry

Build a network of knowledge, professional relationships, and attend events, and various job fairs

Provide yourself with general information and knowledge about the region, its systems of action, and its social and cultural values.

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