Dubai introduces Over 100 flying cars to take residents from door to door

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Aviterra, a Dubai-based company affiliated with private jet charter Jetex, has made a significant investment in revolutionizing transportation with the procurement of over 100 flying cars from PAL-V, set to debut in 2025–26. These two-seater Liberty flying cars are poised to provide convenient last-mile solutions for residents.

Mouhanad Wadaa, Aviterra's managing director, elaborated on the versatility of the PAL-V Liberty, describing it as a fully functional car that can be parked in conventional spaces. With the ability to transition from a land vehicle to a flying one in just two minutes, the Liberty requires a mere 120-meter strip for takeoff and can ascend to altitudes of 11,000 feet. Upon landing, it seamlessly resumes operation as a standard car, utilizing traditional fuel commonly found in automobiles.

Functioning as a hybrid between a gyroplane and an automobile, the PAL-V Liberty represents a breakthrough in transportation, offering an alternative to congested roadways and granting travelers enhanced flexibility. Boasting a flight range of 500 km and a top airspeed of 180 km/h, the Liberty promises to significantly reduce commute times.

Aviterra's investment arm, Loggia Investment, has strategically partnered with PAL-V, securing distribution rights for the Middle East and Africa. This initiative aligns with Dubai and Abu Dhabi's efforts to embrace innovative last-mile mobility solutions, exemplified by recent agreements with companies like Joby Aviation and Archer, aiming to introduce air taxis and vertiports to the region.

Initially targeted for private and governmental use, the introduction of flying cars will necessitate rigorous training for prospective operators. Wadaa emphasized the importance of ensuring that individuals possess adequate training, including holding private pilot licenses. Certification processes are underway, with expectations for deployment by late 2025 or 2026, pending approvals from regulatory authorities such as the General Civil Aviation Authority of the UAE, the International Air Transport Association, and the European Aviation Safety Agency.

Regarding cost considerations, Wadaa noted that the flying car offers a more cost-effective alternative to traditional helicopter transportation, with operational expenses significantly lower. This affordability factor positions the PAL-V Liberty as a promising solution for diverse transportation needs, heralding a new era of mobility in the skies above Dubai and beyond.

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