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Dubai Police announces 150 vacancies
Abdallah Shahin - 3 days

By announcing the availability of 150 job opportunities for national and reserve service recruits, the Dubai Police General Command is providing these individuals with the opportunity to become part of an innovative and advanced police work...

UAE jobs: Emirates hotels provide 4,000 new jobs
rawda samy - 1 week

The best hotels in the Emirates provide employment opportunities for thousands of job seekers. job seekers in the uae hotels

Dubai: A company made 16 of its workers millionaires in their honor
rawda samy - 1 week

In Dubai, a company has made sixteen of its employees millionaires in their honor.

Dubai Court: Worker compensation of 500 thousand UAE dirhams
Abdallah Shahin - 2 weeks

The Dubai Civil Court has issued a ruling that mandates a restaurant and two of its supervisors to provide a sum of 500,000 dirhams to a worker who sustained a wrist-level amputation as a result of their right hand slipping into a meat-mincing...

What happens after applying for a work permit in Canada?
Abdallah Shahin - 3 weeks

Prior to coming to Canada, it is necessary to submit an application for a work permit. Foreign workers who wish to apply for a visa while located outside of Canada will be required to submit their application to a visa office situated outside of...

UAE: the details of the 10-year golden commercial license for expatriates
rawda samy - 1 month

The United Arab Emirates has announced a golden commercial license for expatriates that is valid for ten years.

UAE: Important statement to citizens and residents when purchasing from sales outlets
Abdallah Shahin - 2 months

Abdullah Sultan Al Fan Al Shamsi, the Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Economy for the Commercial Control and Governance Sector, emphasized the importance of consumers retaining purchase invoices. This is crucial as these invoices serve as...

Dubai: A fine of 100,000 dirhams will be imposed on the establishment owner who violates the labor law
Abdallah Shahin - 2 months

The Dubai Court of First Instance issued a second ruling against the establishment owner for violating the Emiratisation policy in the "Nafes" program. The owner was fined 100,000 dirhams for engaging in fraudulent Emiratisation practices....

The UAE announces the details of reducing working hours in Ramadan for the public and private sectors
Abdallah Shahin - 2 months

Workers in the private sector will have a two-hour break each day during the holy month of Ramadan, according to an announcement by the country's Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation.

UAE: Banks warn against closing credit cards in this case
Abdallah Shahin - 2 months

Banks in the country will close credit cards with balances exceeding the allowed credit limit starting May 1st, as per new terms and conditions sent to customers, a copy of which was obtained by Emirates Today.

UAE: Announcing an increase in gasoline and diesel prices starting in March
Abdallah Shahin - 2 months

The Fuel Prices Monitoring Committee has authorized a rise in gasoline and diesel prices for March 2024, with an increase ranging from 15 to 16 fils per liter for gasoline and 17 fils per liter for diesel compared to February 2024 pricing.

Bitcoin price reaches $60,000 and is approaching its highest level
Muhamed abdo - 2 months

The price of Bitcoin is close to reaching its highest price, as it is currently at $60,000

UAE: Announcing job opportunities with salaries from 5,000 to 20,000 dirhams
Abdallah Shahin - 2 months

The portal "Kaddar", linked to the Human Resources Department in Ajman, provided job opportunities for citizens in various government and private sectors in the emirate. The Majid Al-Futtaim Group announced 15 job openings with wages...

Canada announces lucrative job opportunities that do not require a certificate
Abdallah Shahin - 2 months

Canada announced that there are many good jobs that can be accessed without a university degree, and these are some of them:

Urgent UAE: Categories excluded from the provisions of the “New Pensions Law”
Abdallah Shahin - 2 months

The General Pensions and Social Security Authority stated that Decree Law No. (57) of 2023 applies to citizens entering the workforce for the first time starting from October 31, 2023, with any employer in the federal government or local...

Urgent UAE: The employer will be fined from 50 thousand dirhams to 200 thousand dirhams in this case
Abdallah Shahin - 2 months

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation has cautioned private sector businesses and employers not to hire persons without valid work permits from the Ministry, even for trial employment, whether in businesses or as support staff.

Abu Dhabi: Ruling that a female employee is entitled to compensation amounting to 120 thousand dirhams
Abdallah Shahin - 2 months

The Abu Dhabi Family, Civil and Administrative Claims Court mandated a corporation to pay an employee 120,000 dirhams for breaching an employment contract where she was supposed to work for a salary of 37,000 dirhams. After the company requested...

Dubai announces good news after reaching its highest level in 10 years
Abdallah Shahin - 3 months

Dubai recently shared positive news regarding the Dubai Financial Market Index, which reached its highest point in over a decade at the close of trading two days ago. This increase was driven by strategic purchases of prominent stocks with robust...

Gulf Air launches new Bahrain flights to Switzerland, Greece, Spain, UK, Italy
Asma Ahmed - 3 months

For the summer of 2024, Gulf Air will provide more flight routes from Bahrain to Switzerland, Greece, and Spain, giving tourists more alternatives for where to go on vacation.

Dubai: fining the owner of the facility of 100 thousand dirhams
Abdallah Shahin - 3 months

After finding the facility owner guilty of misusing a declaration of work for an unauthorized purpose, a first-degree court in Dubai fined him 100,000 dirhams.

Work interviews: 7 errors prevent you from winning the offered job
Abdallah Shahin - 3 months

One of the most crucial parts of recruiting is doing interviews; this is where a candidate can show the hiring manager all the great things about himself, including his experience, education, and personality traits. On the other hand, a lot of people...

A statement of pensions on the rules of debt deduction from the pension or the end of service bonus
Abdallah Shahin - 3 months

The General Authority for Pensions and Social Insurance has issued a circular to government and private sector work authorities, informing them about the regulations for deducting from pensions or end-of-service gratuities in accordance with Decree...

Urgent UAE: Human Resources decision for private sector companies due to weather conditions
Abdallah Shahin - 3 months

Companies in the private sector across the country were urged by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation to be flexible with their employees' schedules during the season of unpredictable weather.

The labor market is preparing to disable 40% of current jobs..the most important jobs that will be cancelled
rawda samy - 3 months

For the most critical jobs that will be eliminated, the labor market is getting ready to eliminate forty percent of the positions that are currently available.

Urgent UAE: Issuing a new system for work that enters the service soon
Abdallah Shahin - 3 months

"General framework for the flexibility of work types in the federal government" was approved by the Federal National Council yesterday, as revealed during yesterday's session by Minister of State for Governmental and Future Development...

10 companies that allow work in these fields from any country with salaries exceeding $100,000
Abdallah Shahin - 3 months

If you desire the flexibility to work remotely, whether it be from home or any location worldwide, it would be prudent to explore employment opportunities in the fields of accounting, technology, or graphic design.

Sheikh Hamdan launches Dh500m Initiative for SMEs Global Expansion Acceleration
Asma Ahmed - 3 months

The 'Dubai International Growth Initiative' has been initiated by Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of Dubai Executive Council. This endeavor aims to expedite the expansion of small and...

Canadian Petroleum Company to buy Abu Dhabi TAQA interest in Kurdistan
Asma Ahmed - 3 months

The Canadian independent oil and gas business ShaMaran Petroleum Corp. is purchasing the 47.4% interest held by a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi National Energy business PJSC (TAQA) in the Atrush Production Sharing Contract in Kurdistan.

UAE: Procedures for issuing a job search visa 2024
Abdallah Shahin - 4 months

In the Emirates, you can find a wide variety of job openings. The UAE Job Search Visa 2024 was developed to accommodate individuals who wish to directly seek employment possibilities, in response to the growing demand for international labor.

An expatriate in Dubai announces how he earns 2 million dirhams per month
rawda samy - 4 months

It is revealed that an expatriate living in Dubai Alaa Mohra brings in a monthly salary of two million dirhams.

Urgent: The UAE announces the dates for disbursing pensions for the year 2024
Abdallah Shahin - 4 months

Pension payments for 2024 will be disbursed on the dates notified by the General Authority for Pensions and Social Security.

Urgent.. The UAE announces the start of implementing job nationalization goals in the private sector
Abdallah Shahin - 4 months

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation has initiated the implementation of the Cabinet's decision to broaden the scope of Emiratization targets. This decision applies to private companies operating in 14 specific main economic...

The UAE is implementing a new ministerial decision regarding employees starting in January 2024
rawda samy - 4 months

A new ministerial decision concerning employees is going to be implemented in the United Arab Emirates beginning in January 2024.

UAE issues a new guide to determine who is subject to taxes
rawda samy - 4 months

There is a new guide that the UAE has issued to establish who is liable to pay taxes.

The Human Resources and Emiratisation imposes a fine of 96 thousand dirhams within a few months
rawda samy - 4 months

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation in the UAE imposes a fine of 96 thousand dirhams within a few months

MOHRE UAE: Companies are required not to deduct amounts from employees’ salaries in this case
Abdallah Shahin - 4 months

When the employer pays the basic subscription amounts, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization has mandated that they not deduct the subscription amount from the wage of the employee who is registered in the "savings system," an...

Urgent: Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed distributes a reward of 152 million dirhams to these workers in Dubai
Abdallah Shahin - 4 months

Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum approved the disbursement of a performance bonus to civilian employees in government agencies subject to the Dubai Government Human Resources Law, No. (8) of 2018, in the amount of 152 million dirhams....

Dubai gives employees a 152 million-dh bonus
rawda samy - 4 months

A bonus of Dh152 million has been approved for government employees in Dubai.

The most important recruitment companies in Dubai
Abdallah Shahin - 4 months

We present a number of the most important and best recruitment company websites in Dubai, along with contact information for each of them:

Expats in the UAE paying rent and bills by streaming games online
rawda samy - 4 months

Streaming games online allows expats in the United Arab Emirates to pay their rent and utilities.