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A 6.6-magnitude earthquake struck eastern Indonesia; no tsunami alert issued
Asma Ahmed - 1 month

Indonesia's geological agency, BMKG, has issued advisories to residents in nearby areas regarding potential aftershocks following a magnitude-6.6 earthquake that struck the country's eastern region on Tuesday.

Canada: Prayer Time of Eid Al Fitr 2024 in Toronto revealed
Asma Ahmed - 1 month

Eid al-Fitr prayer, a momentous occasion, infuses the Muslim community with jubilation and festivity. Adorned in their finest attire, individuals gather for prayers, partake in communal activities, and engage in the exchange of gifts and culinary...

Eid-al-Fitr Prayer Timings Announced Across Various Cities in Britain
Asma Ahmed - 1 month

For Muslims all across the globe, including those living in Britain, Eid al-Fitr is a significant holiday. Different types of festivities, social gatherings, and, most importantly, special prayers on Eid are hallmarks of this lively and joyous...

UK Muslims Set for 2024 Eid Al Fitr Celebration on April 10
Asma Ahmed - 1 month

slamic Relief recently highlighted that Muslims in the United Kingdom are poised to observe Ramadan this year starting on April 10, aligning with Saudi Arabia's schedule.

The UK announces the cancellation of 140 flights due to an emergency
rawda samy - 1 month

In response to an unexpected incident, the United Kingdom has announced that it will be canceling 140 flights. storm disrupts flights at uk

Virgin Atlantic launches new services to Bengaluru, Mumbai
Asma Ahmed - 1 month

Dubai's aviation landscape is set for a significant boost with the return of UK-based Virgin Atlantic, following the announcement of a partnership with dnata.

UK house prices surge, marking the most increase since December 2022
Asma Ahmed - 1 month

In March, British house prices experienced their most rapid annual growth since December 2022, according to a survey released on Tuesday, indicating a continued alleviation of pressure from elevated interest rates.

Taiwan Struck by Strongest Quake in 25 Years Leaves 9 Dead and 50 Missing
Asma Ahmed - 1 month

A seismic event of significant magnitude struck Taiwan, measuring 7.2 on the Richter scale, marking the most powerful earthquake the island has experienced in a quarter century.

The Philippines and Japan suffer from the effects of Taiwan earthquake
Radwa Saleh - 1 month

Today, a devastating magnitude earthquake struck Taiwan. This came after Dutch astronomer Frank Hoogerbitz predicted several days ago, but saw the possibility of the earthquake's strength reaching approximately 5-6 degrees.

Canada: Electricity Price Increase in Quebec, Effective April 1
Asma Ahmed - 1 month

Starting on Monday, the first of April, the upcoming yearly increase in residential electricity rates, which has been settled at 3%, is expected to be enforced throughout Quebec.

Canada: Minimum wage to increase in four provinces
Asma Ahmed - 1 month

The minimum wage saw an upward trend across all four Atlantic Canadian provinces this Monday.

Britain issues a decision regarding the application for an electronic travel permit
ahmed atef - 1 month

A great number of people from all around the world find the idea of traveling to the United Kingdom to be very fascinating.

US raises H-1B visa and Green Card prices effective April
Asma Ahmed - 1 month

Starting April 1, applicants seeking H1-B visas in the United States, along with American employers, are confronted with increased visa and immigration fees following a US district court's rejection of a plea for a temporary restraining order to...

Canada: Police found a man stabbed to death in downtown Victoria
Asma Ahmed - 1 month

Police in downtown Victoria reported two stabbings early Sunday morning, with one victim losing their life.

England Extends Free Childcare 15 Hours Now for Two-Year-Olds
Asma Ahmed - 1 month

In England, parents now have access to 15 hours of free weekly childcare for their two-year-olds as part of a government initiative aimed at facilitating parents' return to work.

Canada: Shooting Incident Forces Closure of Busy Robson Street in Vancouver
Asma Ahmed - 1 month

On Saturday evening, the tranquility of Robson Street in downtown Vancouver was shattered by the alarming presence of visible bullet holes and the pulsating glow of police lights.

Canada Announces an Increase in Gas Prices Following the Carbon Tax Hike
Asma Ahmed - 1 month

The federal government is increasing the carbon price by three cents per liter, which will have an impact on Ottawa drivers' wallets starting April 1.

Canada declares Easter an official paid holiday for these categories of workers
Ahmed Moawad - 1 month

Many companies in Canada give work time off during the Easter long weekend in Canada, but Easter Monday is not consistently celebrated in the same way across Canada.

Canada announces important changes in the employment system for foreigners 2024
Muhamed abdo - 1 month

The Temporary Foreign Worker Program in Canada has been updated with new provisions 2024

President Joe Biden wins the presidential primary in North Dakota
Asma Ahmed - 1 month

In the Democratic presidential primary in North Dakota, President Joe Biden emerged victorious, securing a significant win despite facing competition from seven other candidates.

Ways for foreigners to obtain a Canadian work permit during 2024
rawda samy - 1 month

Ways for foreigners to obtain a canadian work permit canada during 2024 during 2024.

The options for obtaining a work permit in Canada for foreigners
rawda samy - 2 months

There are a few different ways that foreign nationals might receive a work permit in Canada.

Canada announces big changes to auto insurance
Ahmed Moawad - 2 months

The Government of Canada has issued many new changes regarding car insurance in Canada, which are scheduled to be implemented by the Ontario government and will enable drivers to save money, but on the other hand, some experts have confirmed that...

Canada announces new residency visas with exceptional facilities for these professions
Ahmed Moawad - 2 months

The Canadian government announced a new residence visa aimed at attracting more people from all over the world who work in stable jobs remotely, as the government provides them with exceptional facilities to live and stay in Canada, while giving them...

England: Four Indian-Origin Men Convicted of Murdering Delivery Driver
Asma Ahmed - 2 months

A 23-year-old delivery man of Indian ethnicity was murdered in Shrewsbury, western England, by four Indian guys.

Canada issues new 6-month visa for online workers
Ahmed Moawad - 2 months

The Immigration Department of Canada has issued additional conditions for the Digital Nomad Visa program, which is for foreign workers in Canada, according to what was revealed by the Visa Guide website, regarding updating work permits for workers...

Reasons why it is difficult for immigrants to stay in Canada in 2024
rawda samy - 2 months

Immigrants will have a difficult time remaining in Canada in 2024 for the following reasons.

India: IndiGo Aircraft Collision with Air India Express at Kolkata Airport
Asma Ahmed - 2 months

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has taken swift action in response to an incident at Kolkata Airport involving an IndiGo Airlines aircraft colliding with a stationary Air India Express plane.

US: bridge collapses after a ship collision; people and vehicles fall into river
Asma Ahmed - 2 months

The closure of all lanes in both directions stemmed from a significant incident involving the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore early Tuesday.

Indian Customs arrest passenger for smuggling gold worth Dh1.9 million from oman
Asma Ahmed - 2 months

At the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi, India, customs officials made a significant arrest on Saturday when they apprehended a passenger attempting to smuggle gold valued at Dh1.9 million. This event followed another seizure earlier...

URGENT.. UN Rejects "Immediate Ceasefire" Resolution Amid Gaza Conflict Pressure
Asma Ahmed - 2 months

The Israeli government is under increasing pressure from Washington and other allies due to Israel's conflict with Hamas in Gaza.

GCC members states Pushes for Schengen Visa Exemption for European Travel
Asma Ahmed - 2 months

The Schengen area, composed of countries like Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, and Denmark, enables seamless travel within its member states. Discussions at recent meetings centered on enhancing GCC-European relations, particularly concerning visa...

Iceland volcano erupts, prompting state of emergency
Asma Ahmed - 2 months

Iceland's renowned Blue Lagoon and the neighboring town of Grindavik underwent evacuation on Saturday following a volcanic eruption in the Reykjanes Peninsula, as reported by Iceland's public broadcaster RÚV.

Canada: Man Arrested for Recording himself shooting from his car in Alberta
Asma Ahmed - 2 months

Police in Lethbridge have taken action against an individual who was caught on camera firing weapons from his vehicle.

Indian government announces the parliamentary election date
Asma Ahmed - 2 months

India's upcoming parliamentary election, set to commence on April 19, marks a significant political event, with approximately one billion eligible voters participating in the world's largest democratic exercise.

Pakistan: Adiala Jail Security Intensified due to serious threat
Asma Ahmed - 2 months

Rawalpindi's Adiala prison has recently ramped up its security measures in response to a significant security threat, as reported by ARY News. Additional security personnel have been deployed in the vicinity, and precautionary measures have been...

Urgent: The UAE strongly condemns and denounces the cowardly terrorist attack
Abdallah Shahin - 2 months

The UAE unequivocally denounced the terrorist assault that specifically targeted a hotel in the Somali capital, Mogadishu, resulting in the loss of life and causing injuries to numerous innocent individuals.

Canada: Tragic Fire Claims Lives of Indian-origin couple and their daughter
Asma Ahmed - 2 months

An investigation into the cause of a house fire in Ontario is underway, and the authorities are appealing to the public for help. On Friday, police in Ontario's Brampton district reported that an adolescent daughter, a Canadian couple of Indian...

Canada announces new immigration programs during 2024
Muhamed abdo - 2 months

To further assist Francophone minority groups and rural areas, Canada has announced the launch of new immigration pilot programs.

The Indian cabinet approves trade corridor plans with UAE
Asma Ahmed - 2 months

In order to facilitate the functioning of the India-Middle East Europe Economic Corridor (IMEC), the Indian Cabinet has retroactively approved an Inter-Governmental Framework Agreement (IGFA) with the UAE.