5 ways to support employees in the UAE during storms

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During storms, there are five different ways to support employees in the UAE.

How do managers in the UAE support employees?

By what means do managers in the UAE provide assistance to their staff?

Here are five ways that employers in the United Arab Emirates can help their staff weather storms and difficult circumstances.

Leaders must not only possess traditional qualities like effective communication and financial acumen, but also possess the emotional intelligence needed to foster an empathic organizational culture.

Recent weather disasters in the United Arab Emirates have brought to light the fact that empathy is not always the default response when confronted with the most difficult of circumstances. The recent storms impacted a number of people in the United Arab Emirates. The storms left these individuals without access to electricity and running water, forcing several families to flee their no longer habitable houses. The unfortunate reality is that certain individuals were required to travel to their place of employment regardless of their circumstances.

1. Exercise attentive listening skills.

The capacity to actively listen is a fundamental talent of empathic leadership. This enables employees to freely express their thoughts and emotions in a secure setting, which is a significant gain for the organization. This results in a culture of mutual trust and psychological safety for all those involved. Following up and taking action based on the feedback, reflecting the given measures, is of utmost importance.

2. Show compassion for people who are experiencing personal distress.

Putting yourself in the position of the members of your team is the most effective method for gaining a comprehensive understanding of them. Sometimes leaders are so far away from the day-to-day operations that they forget they are managing people, not robots.

This can happen because of leadership. Before making a decision that could potentially have a negative impact on your team, consider their perspective and ask yourself these questions:

What's the most effective way for me to help my team get through this?In what other ways could I investigate my options?Should I find myself in this predicament, what kind of assistance would I require?

It is of the utmost importance to refrain from making any assumptions about the circumstances and to not minimize the emotional responses of every member of your team.

Encourage a healthy balance between work and personal life.

By the year 2030, it is quite expected that the generation of workers that are entering the workforce, specifically Generation Z, will form the greatest portion of the workforce. People often respond that they value wellness and a balanced lifestyle in their place of employment.

You should make it abundantly apparent to your staff that you appreciate and promote their holistic wellbeing by setting an example for them to follow and engaging in contact with them.

Maintain consistent communication with your staff members and provide them with the resources they need to achieve their goals.

4. Communicate and show empathy for others.

You should maintain empathy in any situation. Sometimes, all that is required to pick up your employees and get them through difficult times is a simple verbal reassurance. Make statements like "I understand the challenges you might face..." It is possible that the phrase "Let me know how I can support you" could make all the difference.

As a result of your colleagues seeing you display empathy, they will also be more likely to demonstrate compassion themselves.

5. At this point, take the necessary steps.

When considering the actions you may take to actively support your team members on an individual level, think about them from a holistic perspective. In this scenario, several different outcomes are possible:

Provide help that is compassionate, adaptable, and psychological.It is important to provide training, alternatives, and options, as well as to collaborate closely with your teams.Collaborate with peers who are internal mentors.Make adjustments to your work schedule, patterns, or places.We should reorganize the responsibilities to make them more accommodating.It is important to keep an open-door policy.

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