Dubai residency seizes 1,327 forged documents

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The General Directorate of residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai disclosed that it had seized 1,327 fake and forged documents and documents over the course of the previous year. These documents included passports and documents related to facilitating travel procedures, such as identity cards, residence cards, and visas to enter the country.

The consultant of the document inspection center in the Department, an expert named Aqeel Ahmed al-Najjar, confirmed to "Emirates today" that the most recent methods used in the detection of fake documents include the utilization of software to compare the original visually altered forms (hologram/Hologram) and similar forms in the questionable documents. Additionally, the utilization of three-dimensional techniques to detect the methods of prints added to personal photos in the passport and modify them to match the forged image in the questionable document is another method that is being utilized.

Detection of fake travel documents

In addition, he stated that the department is equipped with all of the most up-to-date devices that are capable of detecting forged travel documents. These devices include the "docbox Pro" device, which is capable of detecting both visible and invisible rays across the entire spectrum of Rays, devices that can read the information that is stored on slides in passports, a device that can read slides in passports, and another device that can perform remote examination.

Verification of travel documents

He made the observation that the process of verifying travel documents to ascertain whether or not they are legitimate takes a few seconds, but it might take significantly longer than that depending on the degree of fabrication or correctness of the documents.

"In many cases the forged document is detected using very simple detection means, such as magnifying lenses,"he noted.

Al-Najjar stated that there are 62 individuals working at the document inspection center. All of these employees are experts and administrators in the field of travel document inspection, and they have all participated in a variety of training courses, including those that teach methods of detecting forgery, advanced forgery, and plagiarism detection.

The development of forgery and methods of forgery in documents is the most significant challenge that employees face when it comes to detecting travel documents. This necessitates keeping abreast of developments in fraudulent activities by going to and attending conferences and workshops, as well as constructing an information network with employees working in the same field so that alerts can be received through it.

As is the case at its current level, he emphasized that the document inspection center is eager to be a pioneer in the future in the field of verifying fraudulent travel papers. Additionally, he said that the center is eager to be a reference for the concerned authorities to ensure the safety of travel documents by obtaining guidance from it.

He stated that some travelers are victims of organizations or individuals who defraud them by giving them false travel documents on the grounds that they are true in exchange for large amounts of money. He was urging travelers to check with the authorized bodies that issue travel documents before paying their prices and possessing them to use for transportation or transportation purposes.

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