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It is not unusual to witness a large number of people who are about to become parents traveling back to their home countries or countries of citizenship in order to give birth to their newborn child. This is because the United Arab Emirates is a hub for varied people from all over the world.

Aside from this particular case, pregnant women who live in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) may frequently travel outside the nation for personal reasons, such as going on vacation or attending a family event. For the purpose of ensuring the well-being of expectant mothers during this vital period, local airlines have established their own recommendations and regulations.

Do you have a hard time deciding if you should travel during the 36th or 37th week of your pregnancy? The requirements that are required by various airlines in the UAE are broken down as follows.


It is possible for passengers who are fewer than 29 weeks pregnant to book their tickets with the airline as they normally would, providing that they have not encountered any medical issues over the course of their pregnancy.

There is a requirement that pregnant women who are planning to travel after the 29th week of their pregnancy or within that time period must bring a medical certificate or letter that has been signed by a physician or a midwife. Given that pregnant passengers could not be permitted to fly without this certification, it is of the utmost importance.

The medical certificate must include

  • A rough estimate of the age at birth
  • The passenger's health has been confirmed positively.
  • No matter if it is a single pregnancy or numerous pregnancies
  • Physician's consensus that there will be no issues with the delivery of the baby
  • Agreement from the physician that there is no cause to be barred from flying
  • This is the most recent date that the physician has deemed the traveler to be "fit for travel."
  • After the 32nd week of pregnancy, passengers are not permitted to travel if they are carrying several children at the same time. After the 36th week of pregnancy, it is not permissible for women who are carrying a single pregnancy to travel.

In the event that the customer is compelled to travel for any cause that is considered to be an emergency, she is obliged to fill out a MEDIF form that may be found on the website of the airline.

Etihad Airways (ETA)

In a manner comparable to that of Emirates, pregnant passengers are permitted to travel without a certificate or letter up until the 28th week of their pregnancy. In the event that the passenger experiences any kind of medical issues, they should visit their physician in advance and make a decision regarding whether or not to fly. In the event that the physician indicates that there may be a problem, the passenger is obligated to fill out the MEDIF form that is accessible on the website.

Those who are carrying a single pregnancy are prohibited from traveling beginning in the 37th week of their pregnancy. During the period of time between 29 and 36 weeks, pregnant travelers are required to present a medical certificate.

After the 33rd week of pregnancy, those who are carrying multiple pregnancies are not allowed to travel. A medical certificate is required to be shown by passengers during the 29th week and the 32nd week of their trip.

In order for this certificate to be approved, it must have the following components and should be valid for a period of three weeks beginning on the date it was issued:

  • If the pregnancy is a single pregnancy or a multiple pregnancy, please provide information.
  • Confirmation that the individual is "fit to travel" by a medical practitioner should be written prominently in either English or Arabic.
  • Date of delivery that is anticipated
  • Pregnancy weeks that have been confirmed
  • Either the clinic or hospital must stamp it, or it must be supplied on letterhead paper as a requirement.
  • Fly Dubai's
  • As is the case with most airlines, Flydubai allows pregnant passengers to travel up until the end of the 28th week of their pregnancy. Immediately following this time, travelers are required to present a medical certificate that is valid for a period of three weeks beginning on the date it was issued.

Between weeks 29 and 36, those who are carrying a single pregnancy are required to present a medical certificate. Beginning with the beginning of week 37, they are denied permission to travel any longer.

Between the 29th and 32nd week of pregnancy, women who are carrying multiple pregnancies are obliged to present medical certificates. As soon as they reach the age of 33 weeks, they are prohibited from traveling.

It is required that the medical certificate contain

  • Birth date that is anticipated
  • How many weeks are there in a pregnancy?
  • affirmation from the medical professional that the individual is "fit to travel"
  • No matter if it is a single pregnancy or numerous pregnancies
  • Maintaining a normal pregnancy
  • A medical specialist is required to sign and stamp it before it may be used.
  • Flight Arabia
  • All pregnant women who are traveling by Air Arabia up until the 35th week of their pregnancy are required to present a medical certificate prior to their departure.

This certificate should include

  • In terms of the weeks of pregnancy
  • Checking to see if the passenger is healthy enough to fly The certificate must be valid for a period of fourteen days from the date it was issued.
  • The signature of a physician is required.
  • After reaching the 36th week of pregnancy, ladies who are carrying a single pregnancy are not permitted to travel, while passengers who are carrying multiple pregnancies are not permitted to travel after reaching the 32nd week of pregnancy.

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